Monday, August 27, 2012

Religion is of the flesh . . .

Religious behavior is ingrained in us all. Religion is of the flesh and its ultimate source is pride. When we choose men or women as "ordained" to lead us and "do" religious minutiae for us -- we have decided that they are better suited or better educated to administer God-stuff for all of us while we do other worldly-stuff. It is utter nonsense when one really reads the bible more closely. 

Yes, the Lord God of Israel set up a priestly caste of Levi in the Old Testament. But Christ nullified everything of the flesh, of sin, and yes even of religion. Religion died on the cross with Christ. The first letter Paul wrote was to the Galatians and it was to stop their being religious-minded, rules-bound, and to set them back on the simple truth of no religion -- but only Christ. Only freedom in the Spirit was to guide the ekklesia; the assembly of believers -- not ANY man, not any principle but a Person -- in Christ alone are we to gather -- in Christ alone.