Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Homosexuality accepted by the religious systems of logic . . .

The Lord gave me a revelation about the growing "acceptance" of homosexuals by Christianity and this controversy in light of what the scriptures teach. If we based our "acceptance" on logic, the mind/soul "flesh" basis which stems from insight derived from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that Mankind loves to feast upon -- then it is actually quite nice and fair to accept homosexuals as they are and let them be as they want to be. We must not judge them for what sexuality their souls hold. We must not reject them on this basis alone. We are to love them as they are -- in spite of it being an odd thing to most of us.

However -- and this is a BIG however -- As believers, we no longer operate in the realm of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. We no longer follow logic-based, soul-based or intellect-based systems of analysis. We are not even to throw forth as a reasoning point, a law-based or legalism-based view that honors "the fleshly" walk. We are to honor and walk by the Tree of Life which is Christ, which is by the Spirit.

When I purely rest my life in the mind of Christ and listen to the Spirit -- it is HE and not I, not the law, not even only a chosen set of scriptures that speaks the entire Truth to we that walk by the Spirit. And He says to me, to say, "Homosexuality is not of my kingdom and is not to be part of my ekklesia." We are not to condone what the Spirit rejects. It is just that simple. Christ says, "No." to something and I must agree.

Homosexuals walk by "the flesh" and those that say homosexuality is okay with God, also walk by "the flesh". Flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of God. We must follow the Spirit alone, no matter how "politically incorrect" or backward it may be to the world and fellow Christians.

I will say here now, without waffling, that sin is sin. As Christians we are to recognize sin and acknowledge it as such -- but first we are to LOVE -- as Christ loves people through us. We do not reject a person or "cast off" a group because of sin. Spiritual darkness is a reality. We as believers are to be light. We are to speak Truth and offer the Way, and the Life -- that is Jesus Christ.

Not being involved anymore in organized religion -- I see that the tradition-bound religious systems are struggling with offering "membership" and religious "roles of responsibility" to practicing homosexuals. It has evolved into a real mess in many religious groups -- especially without the Spirit leading those who must make hard decisions. What is needed is less pointless debate and more time being spent on one's knees humbly before the Lord of the Universe. He will guide us and He will show us the Way.