Saturday, January 28, 2012

"God was pleased ... to reveal His Son in me."

One of my fav verses from the book of Galatians is Paul stating that "God was pleased ... to reveal His Son in me." And this is the crux of faith -- it is deeply personal and obviously subjective. Once the Creator reveals Himself to a human, they are forever altered in an ineffable way. The test of the reality of this is witnessing the spiritual transformation of the person. Since Jesus stated He was "the resurrection and the life" it means God has deemed it fit for His Spirit of resurrection life to take residence within those He reveals Himself to as God. I cannot explain this -- I just know I have never been able to escape the reality of such an event when it happened to me in March of 1974. As Paul wrote, "God was pleased to reveal His Son in me." This transformational event needs no religion, no teaching, no apologetics, no preacher, no pew, no altar call -- it is done by the Spirit of God Himself. Our only role is to accept what He reveals. It is a type of ultimate surrender to a moment of ultimate love and forgiveness. That is what I know for now.