Thursday, March 24, 2011

Healing . . .

I have been away from blogging, recording my music, and many of my typical normal activities for some time now due to my battling a nagging illness. I have been been scoped, CAT scanned, had blood-work panels, been through multiple doctor visits, etc, etc -- and no clear answers for my symptoms; (mild to severe abdominal cramping pain and associated digestive issues).

I have been trying so many things, alternative medicines, natural remedies, and since October of 2009 symptoms have steadily increased in severity. Since August of 2010, it got so bad one day, I feared something major like cancer. I prayed like crazy that such would not be so. Tests have so far ruled such out. Thank you, Jesus!! So, I am essentially living with daily discomfort, painful cramping, and digestive issues. My life is 24/7 effected with this malady and to date I see only mild decreases now away from severity of pain. I have good days, so-so days, and some really bad days.

All in all, I am still seeking the Lord, studying His word, fellow-shipping, and seeking His glory in all things. It is like a "thorn in the flesh" that has come upon me to bring me very low much of the time. Other believers and I have asked for discernment and healing but for now, this health issue dogs my heels.

Being either "washed-out" or "cramped-up" makes it really difficult for me to focus on writing, composing -- even working my day job is a challenge -- with my nights and weekends reserved for rest and recovery. It is a frustrating thing I am suffering daily. Some call my symptoms IBS but so far my doctors have refused to use that term. They seem baffled as to the continuing cause, the onset, and worse yet -- they can't seem to fix things. This summer I will see a food allergist specialist to see if I have become intolerant to certain foods.

Meanwhile, I keep trying various regimens of probiotics, anti-acids, anti-gas, peppermint teas and oil -- and an ever-evolving daily record of my food intake and daily digestive issues. I am considering a 3-week, intensive detox that my doctor recommended. Ah man, this getting old thing is tough.

Brothers and sisters -- please pray for me. I am tired, so very tired of this steady weight. Only the Lord's strength keeps me upbeat and hopeful these days and He kindly ministers to me via the tender care, understanding patience, and steadfast love of my dear wife and sister in Jesus.

Until later . . . keep the faith dear ones.